MERCY Malaysia’s Head of Relief Operations Department, Hew Cheong Yew visited Somalia once again to observe and assess the progress of the Tawfiq Clinic, a project by MERCY Malaysia.

The Tawfiq Clinic is located in Yaqshid district, the biggest district in Mogadishu with a population of more than 300,000. There is no general hospital in the district and only a handful of NGOs are working in the newly claimed safe area.

Case 1

Fardowsa and her son.

Fardowsa and her son.

During the visit, Hew met a 22 year-old mother, Fardowsa who recently moved from Afgoya to Mogadishu with her husband and 3 kids to look for a better life. Since she only moved 2 months ago she didn’t know where to go when her 2 year-old son fell sick. She had to take two buses from Madina district as early as 6:30am to reach MERCY Malaysia clinic by 9:00am which cost her more than USD2. Fortunately, her sister who lived nearby queued up since 6:00 am to register for her so that her son would not miss his opportunity to receive health care from the MERCY Malaysia clinic which receives up to 100 patients a day.

Fardowsa was very happy with the good service she received at her first visit to the clinic and she would recommend to others who need medical care to visit MERCY Malaysia’s clinic too.

There is still no proper health system in Somalia as the country is still struggling to overcome the famine last year and the continuing conflict with extreme groups for the past 20 years.

For just RM16, you can help a patient to receive proper primary health care in Somalia through MERCY Malaysia. 

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