MERCY Malaysia’s medical teams have conducted mobile clinics in Kampung Karangan and have managed to serve 41 patients. Static clinics were also carried out by our medical teams and have served 13 patients on their first day in Kampung Karangan on 12th January. Our teams have also delivered medical supplies to the flood-affected community in Sungai Nal.

The most common disease during the mobile clinics were:

    •  Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI)

  • Skin Diseases (e.g. fungal infection)
  • Loss of diabetic and anti-hypertensive medications
  • Musculoskeletal pains (aches and pains)

On January 7th, there were 2 teams conducting mobile clinic in Kuala Krai (Laloh & Lata Rek) and Gua Musang. Various health centres in KD Kuala Nal, KK Laloh and KK Dabong were visited to conduct the needs assessment. The team headed to KK Bertam to set up the first two ERU tent to be used by the KK/PKD in ensuring the continuity of services in the area. Because the approval to operate in the actual building was not given yet by the Public Work Authorities (JKR), we offered temporary structure/tent/provide table and chairs/ basic equipment to ensure the clinic can start working.

MERCY Malaysia commenced on the refurbishment of KK and KD clinics with our Emergency Response Unit tents and equipments such as BP set, thermometer, foetal doppler machines, nebulisers, tables and chairs. The mobile clinics visited a total of 37 villages as of January 8th. At least 1,790 patients were served between December 28th, 2014 and January 8th, 2015.

As of 15th January, assessments and medical clinics were conducted in Kg. Bahagia that saw 57 patients. The mobile clinics ended on January 31st. Existing medical personnel in the district started work in February. The services will rotate between Kg. Pemberian, Kg. Bahagia, Pasir Kelang and Kampung Sg. Sam.


statclinic1 statclinic

Static Clinic in Kuala Krai


mobileclinic1 MBperia


Mobile Clinic at SJKC Pei Hwa in Machang and at Peria